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Our Student Transition Services are designed to help students with Individualized Education Programs (IEPs) in Mercer and Hunterdon Counties, NJ build the necessary skills to transition from school to the next chapter of their life. Our team is dedicated to making it easier for students as they move from school to independent living, work, or college. Students enrolled in our program will experience a wide variety of activities that help them learn life skills, career ideas, and personal exploration to make sure every student reaches their full potential.


It's really important for students with disabilities to learn the skills they need as they move from high school to the next part of life. At Progressive Center, we know students with disabilities face unique challenges, so our approach is made to improve their skills and confidence.  Learn about the opportunities waiting for your student as we help them on the way to a brighter future.

Through fun activities, assignments, and interesting discussions, students in our Student Transition services will discover what they are really interested in, what careers they may enjoy and excel in, and what goals they have for after high school. Our program focuses on learning through real work experiences, getting advice on different career paths, tips on getting ready for work life, self advocacy skills, and more. Let's work together to help your student get ready for a successful journey after high school, with the skills and confidence they need for a great and independent life.


Why Choose PCIL?

Choose Progressive Center for Independent Living with confidence as your trusted partner in ensuring a seamless transition for students with disabilities from high school to post-high school life. With our extensive experience and unwavering commitment, we have successfully empowered countless students in Mercer and Hunterdon Counties, NJ, through our specialized Student Transition Services. Families can trust us to provide tailored support, personalized guidance, and innovative programs that cater to the unique needs of individuals with IEPs. As a testament to our impact, hear the words of one of our accomplished students: 'Progressive Center transformed my journey and equipped me with the skills needed to thrive independently. Their dedicated team truly understands the challenges I faced, and their support has been instrumental in my success.' Contact us at Progressive Center for Independent Living, where we not only believe in potential but actively work to unlock it, paving the way for a future filled with possibilities for every student.

Five Transition Services You May Want 

Check out more information on the activities your child may encounter using our Student Transition Services

In New Jersey, transition services typically begin when a student turns 14 (or earlier, if determined appropriate by the Individualized Education Program (IEP) team). These services should be outlined in the IEP. Here are five transition services to consider adding to your student's IEP!

1 / Career Planning & Exploration

Students who add career planning and exploration student transition services to their IEP will benefit from personalized assessments, vocational training, job shadowing, internships, and career counseling to help students explore their interests and career goals.

2 / Independent Living Skills

Students who add independent living skills to student transition services to their IEP will benefit from learning skills related to daily living, such as money management, transportation, cooking, housing, and more.

3 / Post-Secondary Education Preparation

By adding post-secondary education preparation to your student's IEP they will gain assistance in applying for colleges, vocational schools, or other post-secondary education institutions, as well as help with accessing accommodations in higher education settings.

4 / Employment Services

Students who add employment services to their IEPs will get support in finding and maintaining employment, job coaching, resume building, interview skills, and workplace accommodations.

5 / Community Integration

Community Integration is a great thing to add to IEPs and will allow students to connect with resources and services in the community that can support their individual needs and goals.

Team Meeting


To access these services, parents or guardians should initially contact the student's school district's special education department or the case manager in charge of the student's IEP. The school's special education staff can provide information about available services, assessments, and the process of developing an IEP that includes transition goals and services.

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