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Disabilities Awareness and Sensitivities Training play a pivotal role in fostering an inclusive and equitable workplace environment. In recognizing the diverse talents and capabilities of individuals with disabilities, such training not only promotes empathy but also cultivates an atmosphere of understanding and acceptance among colleagues. By raising awareness about the challenges faced by individuals with disabilities, employees gain insights into the importance of accommodating various needs, thereby enhancing teamwork and collaboration. Our trainings help dismantle stereotypes and biases, fostering a workplace culture that values diversity and actively works to eliminate barriers. Moreover, an inclusive workplace not only benefits individuals with disabilities but also contributes to overall organizational success by harnessing the unique perspectives and talents of every team member. Disabilities Awareness and Sensitivities Training are essential components in building a workplace where everyone feels respected, valued, and empowered to reach their full potential.

Current Offerings

Breaking Barriers: Embracing Inclusivity in the Workplace 

This training aims to educate individuals and businesses on disability awareness, sensitivity, and inclusivity to eliminate barriers and prejudices in the workplace.  This training is made up of eight different components with a mix of lectures, hands-on activities including role playing exercises, personal testimonies, and concludes with time to create concrete steps towards implement strategies learned.  All participants will receive ongoing support and resources long after the training has concluded. By implementing this comprehensive program, individuals and businesses can gain valuable insights into disability awareness and sensitivity, fostering a more inclusive and equitable workplace for all.  Remember, inclusivity is an ongoing journey, so continuing education and commitment to change are essential for sustained progress. 


Why Your Business
Needs DAST! 

Check out more depth information on the importance of disabilities trainings for businesses on our blog.

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Businesses can reap numerous benefits by investing in Disabilities Awareness and Sensitivity Training:

1 / Inclusive Workplace Culture

Training fosters an environment of understanding and respect, promoting inclusivity and diversity among employees.

2 / Improved Communication

Enhanced awareness leads to better communication with colleagues who have disabilities, reducing misunderstandings and fostering stronger teamwork.

3 / Legal Compliance

Training ensures businesses comply with disability rights and anti-discrimination laws, reducing the risk of legal issues and creating a safer work environment.

4 / Enhanced Customer Relations

Businesses become more accessible and accommodating, improving interactions with customers with disabilities and broadening their customer base.


With a commitment to inclusivity and a team comprising individuals with disabilities who bring firsthand expertise, Progressive Center for Independent Living for Disabilities Awareness training stands out as the optimal choice for Disabilities Awareness and Sensitivities training for business in Mercer and Hunterdon Counties in NJ. Their personalized support, tailored programs, and dedication to fostering a truly inclusive workplace make them the optimal partner for businesses. By choosing PCIL, businesses not only meet compliance standards but also benefit from the insights of experts who navigate the world with disabilities themselves. Elevate your training experience with PCIL, where expertise, empathy, and empowerment converge for a transformative impact.

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