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What Is AccessLink?

Access Link, an integral part of NJ TRANSIT's commitment to ADA compliance, serves as a specialized public transportation service designed for individuals with disabilities who face challenges using the standard local bus service. Tailored to meet the paratransit regulations of the ADA, Access Link provides a comparable experience to NJ TRANSIT's local fixed route bus and light rail systems. This service is specifically designed for those with disabilities who may encounter difficulties using regular buses for some or all of their transportation needs. The program ensures inclusivity, flexibility, and accessibility in public transportation for individuals with diverse mobility requirements.

Public Transport Passenger

Riding Protocols

  • Wear a face covering while traveling.

  • Don’t travel if you or your PCA are feeling sick

  • Don’t travel if you have been recently exposed to anyone who is positive for COVID-19 or any other infectious disease.

  • Cancel reservations at least 90 minutes before your scheduled pickup time.

  • Be ready for pickup at the start of your “ride” window.

Three Reasons You Should Get Assessed

1 / Reliable and Personalized Transportation

For individuals with disabilities who are unable to drive, Access Link provides a reliable and personalized transportation solution. The service caters specifically to the unique needs of its users, ensuring a dependable means of travel for various purposes, whether it's commuting to work, attending medical appointments, or engaging in social activities.

2 / Companions Allowed

Access Link recognizes the importance of companionship by allowing users to travel with a Personal Care Assistant (PCA) and one companion. This not only enhances the emotional well-being of users but also provides practical assistance during the journey. The supportive environment fosters a sense of security and comfort, making the transportation experience more positive and empowering.

3 / Accessible and Affordable

Access Link offers a more accessible and affordable alternative for individuals with disabilities compared to traditional transportation methods. With comparable fares to local fixed-route buses and a commitment to inclusivity, Access Link strives to make transportation not only convenient but also economically feasible for those who may face financial constraints due to their disabilities. Access Link's dedication to affordability ensures that the service remains an accessible option for a diverse range of users with varying mobility needs.


Want to Apply?

Telephone interviews are now being scheduled for those who want to be considered for full paratransit eligibility.   


If you want to apply for services call 973-491-4224 and select option #1 to request a date to participate in a telephone interview.  You will then be scheduled to speak with a representative from our statewide network of Assessment Agencies.  


During your telephone interview, you will be asked about your disability or disabilities and the impact on your ability to use NJ TRANSIT’s local fixed-route system to travel. You will have the opportunity to provide examples of how and when you are prevented from using NJ TRANSIT’s fixed-route system to travel to or from your intended destinations.  You will also need to provide medical verification of your disability or disabilities.  


For more information about Access Link or the accessible services available on the Bus, Train and Light Rail you are encouraged to review the information provided under ACCESSIBILITY at

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