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Become a PCIL Member

We need YOU!


Join PCIL’s membership and become part of a dynamic network of forward-thinkers, innovators and industry leaders dedicated to people with disabilities, their families and friends, professionals, volunteers, and others.  


Please note, you do not need to become a member to use our services. 

Friends & Pizza

PCIL Member Benefits

Membership of The Progressive Center for Independent Living, Inc. includes:

  • Be the first to receive discounted rates on recreational events. 

  • Stay informed on programs when you receive our quarterly newsletter. 

  • Connect with others who share your passions and experiences. 

  • Access our exclusive resources, webinars, and workshops to stay up to date on the latest trends. 

  • Engage in collaborative projects, fostering creativity and learning from different perspectives. 

  • Connect with experienced mentors who can guide you through your life journey. 

  • Showcase your expertise by contributing and participating in discussions and publications. 

  • Vote on critical issues to enhance the disability community. 

  • Receive an invitation to the annual meeting of the Membership. 

  • Confirm the executive board by vote during annual membership. 


Unlock a world of innovation, collaboration, and growth by filling out the form below or submitting one via mail. 

Annual Rates

Apply online or in person at our Offices

Single Membership


This membership is for ONE individual per household.

Couple Membership


This membership is for TWO individuals per household OR an individual and their aide.

Family Membership


This membership is for up to five individuals living in the same household.

Online Membership

Please complete the form along with online payment to join as a PCIL member and start receiving benefits!

Need to Pay with Check?

If you prefer to pay for your membership using a check we ask that you please print out the application and mail it in along with your check.

Let us know your interests!
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