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DriveAbility Services

Drive-Ability is designed to assist individuals with disabilities in obtaining their driving learner's permit and eventually a New Jersey driver's license. The program consists of orientation, assessment, written test preparation, driving simulator experiences, and suggestions for behind-the-wheel instruction.  Drive-Ability also focuses on building confidence and independence, ensuring safety, and promoting sustainable competitive employment opportunities for its participants, by implementing this comprehensive, structured and personalized driver's education program, individuals with disability will have the necessary support to successfully achieve driving-related independence, obtain their learner's permit and driver's license, leading to improved quality of life and greater inclusion in society. 

Benefits of DriveAbility

  • Improved independence and mobility for participants with disabilities. 

  • Increased chances of obtaining sustainable gainful employment. 

  • Enhanced road safety awareness and responsible driving behavior. 

  • Greater opportunities for active participation in the community. 

What to Expect
in DriveAbility

1 / Assessment

Drive-Ability begins with a thorough individual assessment, recognizing that each participant's abilities and challenges are unique. This assessment involves evaluating cognitive and motor skills, understanding specific needs and requirements. Trained professionals work closely with participants to identify strengths and areas that may need additional support, ensuring a personalized approach to the learning process.

2 / Written Exam Prep

To pave the way for success in obtaining a learner's permit, the program includes a comprehensive written exam preparation component. Participants engage in targeted lessons that cover the rules of the road, traffic signs, and other essential topics. The goal is to equip individuals with the knowledge and confidence needed to pass the written exam, laying a solid foundation for the practical aspects of driving.

3 / Driving Simulations

DriveAbility integrates cutting-edge technology with driving simulation experiences. Participants engage in virtual driving scenarios, allowing them to practice and enhance their decision-making skills in a controlled environment. This component is invaluable for building confidence, familiarizing participants with real-world driving situations, and ensuring they are well-prepared for the challenges they may encounter on the road. The driving simulation serves as a bridge between theoretical knowledge and practical application, fostering a safe and supportive learning environment. Overall, these three components work harmoniously to empower individuals with disabilities, providing a comprehensive and structured pathway to driving independence.


Want to Enroll?

If your ready to start learning how to drive and earn some independence, then reach out to our Independent Living Specialist to find out when our next class begins!

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