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At Progressive Center for Independent Living, we believe that every child deserves an unforgettable summer filled with fun, adventure, and new friendships. That's why we are thrilled to offer a Summer Camp Scholarship Program designed specifically for kids with disabilities.  This program provides supplemental funding for youth ages 4 - 25 living with disability to enjoy summer activities. Awards range from $85 to $400. This program is made possible by a grant from the County of Mercer.  Applications and approval are required and are processed by PCIL on a first come first serve basis. Funds are limited. 

About The Scholarship

Our program offers a unique opportunity for children with disabilities to experience the joy and excitement of outdoor summer camp. When your child attends an outdoor summer camp between Memorial Day to Labor Day, you may be eligible for a full or partial scholarship to apply towards a variety of activities, such as: 


- Outdoor Adventures: Hiking, canoeing, nature walks, and more! 

- Sports & Games: Adaptive sports, team games, and inclusive activities. 

- Day or Overnight Camp Fun: Storytelling, singing, and making s'mores under the stars.


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Finding a summer camp for your child can be an exciting opportunity for growth, fun and socialization. Finding the right camp for your child with a disability can be scary. We offer tips to assist you with choosing a Camp that will lead to a positive experience, and one tailored to your child’s needs.  When considering your camp choice consider these four key questions before enrolling. 

1 / Camp and Staff Training

Your child's safety and well being is number one priority and having a properly trained staff is key! You should confirm with camp directors that their staff is experienced in working with children with disabilities prior to registering your child.  We even recommend asking specific questions in regards to the care of your child's specific needs.  It is also important to inquire about the staff-to-camper ratio so that you can rest comfortably knowing your child will be properly looked after - the smaller the better!

2 / Accommodations & Accessibility

Not all camps are necessarily fully accessible to all!  Assessing the camp's physocal accessibility, including facilities and activities areas is highly recommended. We think even visiting the camp's campus prior to registering is suggested. Remember to look for specific accomodations your child may need such a assistive devices, bathroom facitilies, and dietary restrictions. 

3 / Communications & Collaboration

We recommend that you establish an open communication with the camp organizers right from your initial interest in the camp by sharing your child's needs and setting up a plan to receive regular updates on your child's progress while they attend the camp. Establishing communication expectations early on will become extremely helpful if any issues should arise during your child's camp expereince. 

4 / Medical Support & Procedures

It is important that you verify the camp's emergency protocol, including how medical conditions and medications are managed prior to you registering for your camp.  Be sure that the camp director has the necessary information on your child's medical history, dietary needs, and emergency contacts.


Our Camp Scholarship Program is made possible through the generosity of a grant from Mercer County Office on Aging and Disability Resource Connection. Campership offers life-changing opportunities to children with disabilities to create unforgettable memories, build confidence, independence, and lifelong friendships. Limited scholarships are available, first come, first serve, so don't miss this chance to give your child an unforgettable summer experience!

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